Methods of work

Cultivating Methods :

  Since 2010, our vineyards have been certified organic and we have also begun working our vines biodynamically. We do not use      chemical weeding and treatments only include sulphur, copper and organic certified manure (occasionally if it’s necessary). We work the soil on its totality. Our vineyard is trained with 4 elevating wires, for a better sunning of the grapes. In June, we remove “entre - Coeur” on the grapes to encourage its maturity.

 As soon as we obtained the label Organic, we began biodynamie to perpetuate the soil and make it healthier.

Harvest :

Harvest normally takes place at the beginning of September. We harvest our grapes by hand with a sorting and a carriage in picking-box.

Vinification :


 The vinification is traditional with a total de-stemming. Before putting in tank, to eliminate any bad grapes, we use a sorting table and the skills of ten vigilant people. We punch the cap every day in order to homogenize the marc and the must. The maceration is in wooden or concrete vat during 4 weeks according to the vintage with a constant control of temperatures. 


Maturing :

For the Vins Doux Naturels (red, golden and white) it’s in barrels of 228 litters. For the Rasteau, Cuvée Prestige, Marine and Paul, the maturing is in wooden vat or demi-muid. For the Cairanne and the Rasteau Réserve, it’s in concrete vat and we bottle the wine early in order to preserve the fruit.

Bottling :

We bottled at the domain. A little filtering is made before bottling and a little dose of SO2 is added.

Production : 

We produce around 55, 000 bottles per year. We send them both in France but also at the export (Europe, Asia, United-States and Canada).